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jumbo vegan dog roll

Jumbo Vegan Hot Dog Roll – Pack of 6

Jumbo Vegan Hot Dog Roll – Pack of 6

A great value option, these rolls taste delicious without costing too much. The semolina flour on top further enhances the taste and texture to make these rolls a brilliant choice.

Brioche jumbo dog roll

Brioche Jumbo hot Dog Roll – Pack of 6

Brioche Jumbo Hot Dog Roll – Pack of 6

This Hot Dog Roll is absolutely delicious, made with butter and free-range egg, it is super soft and tastes amazingly sweet. Top sliced and fully baked, you just need to thaw to serve, which makes it a brilliant choice of roll.

Vegan Hot Dog

Vegan Hot Dog x 3 – Per Pack

Vegan Dog 20cm – Pack of 3 – 100g each

The ultimate Vegan hot dog option. Made from seitan and beechwood smoke, they taste exactly like a meaty frankfurter. The perfect hot dog to supply the rapidly growing UK vegan market.

Beef Hot Dog

Beef Hot Dog x 4 Per Pack

Beef Hot Dog – Pack of 4

The mid-size beef hot dog packs a really flavoursome punch. The all-beef hot dog is unbeatable in terms of flavour and the naturally smoked hot-dog is great value for money too. The 26cm version is ideal for adults and is perfect for replicating American Beef hot dogs.


Halal Turkey Hot Dog

Halal Turkey Hot Dog x 10 Per Pack

Halal Turkey Hot Dogs – Pack of 10

These delicious Halal Turkey Hot Dogs are perfect for anyone who eats Halal. They’re also great for anyone after a poultry alternative to the traditional pork and/or beef. Halal Turkey Dogs are great in a bun, topped with ketchup and mustard, or even on their own.

Turkey Dogs also go great with our Lingonberry jam as a seasonal alternative to roast turkey and cranberry. These make ideal quick meal options for Thanks Giving or Christmas, and are much quicker to prepare than a roast with all the trimmings!

These Halal Hot Dogs are beechwood smoked, giving them a robust and meaty flavour, however you prepare them. They are great grilled, heated in water, barbequed or fried. For best results defrost fully before cooking and we always advise that you heat the Halal Turkey Hot Dogs over a medium heat, to reduce the chances of splitting.