N&C Produce Xmas Hampers


Our Top Food Hampers for Christmas


Indulging in delicious food and drink is many people’s idea of a Christmas season well spent.  Given our area of expertise, we look forward to the Christmas period more than most. We love helping people find new, exciting flavours and styles of food each year. We understand the subtlety and complexity behind creating wonderful combinations of delicious food. Certain items will complement others, helping them to flourish and pop as you eat and enjoy combinations of great flavour.


The N&C Produce Specialist team has put together a broad collection of Christmas food hampers that contain wonderful products. Our hampers can help you enjoy old favourites or open your palate up to new taste sensations.


So read on to get some Christmas gift ideas and find out more about the wonderful selection of gift hampers N&C Produce has to offer.


The main two hamper options this Christmas 

With Christmas round the corner, you might be wondering how a hamper from N&C Produce can fit into your plans.


Realistically, there are two paths to go down. The first is buying a Christmas hamper as a perfect gift for a loved one or friend. The range we have available can help you make somebody’s Christmas with the purchase of a hamper that really matches their culinary priorities. Rich flavours and delightful taste options are sure to bring smiles to faces.


The other option is as an addition to your Christmas food for all the family. For example, a Gourmet Seafood Hamper that everybody can tuck into is a great treat for all concerned. Or you can bring a taste of the Mediterranean with one of our Garden Hampers for example.


Whether a food hamper this Christmas is a beautiful gift item or something for you and your family to enjoy yourselves, N&C Produce has the kind of range that will help you meet your needs easily.


So what’s available?

N&C Produce has a superb selection of Food Hampers available for our customers to select from. So if you’re struggling for some shopping inspiration as Christmas edges ever closer, we have combinations that will get your stomach rumbling.


A Festive Christmas Hamper from N&C Produce


Take this Festive Christmas Hamper for example. With Rib of Beef, Whole Ham, Crown Turkey Breast this is a great gift option for a choice of recipients. Or how about the Boxing Day Steak Meat Box


This Hamper has delightful meats such as Sirloin, Ribeye and Fillet Steaks


This is just some of the exquisite produce available in our Ultimate Christmas/Boxing Day Hamper. There’s so many incredible items in this Christmas hamper that whether you buy it for a loved one or for your family to share, there will be wonderful food aplenty to enjoy.


Thinking outside the box

The contents of the Festive Gourmet Seafood Hamper from N&C Produce


While our dedicated Christmas hampers are always popular due to their incredible components, there are a host of other hamper items that can make for great gifts. So if for example a friend of yours is a massive Seafood Fan, we can help. N&C Produce has a range of Seafood Hampers for you to select from, containing wondrous combinations of Seafood from around the world.


We have Festive British Seafood Hampers that make perfect Christmas presents. With combinations of delicious Salmon, Prawns, Fish and Oysters, as well as a Pristine Board and Oyster knife, this is a great treat for any Seafood/Shellfish enthusiast. And if the recipient’s tastes are a little more continental, perhaps this Artisan Gourmet Hamper selection fits the Christmas bill?


Build your own hamper

An antiqued wooden suitcase to help N&C Produce Customers build their own Hamper


With so many products available at N&C Produce, it can be tempting to put together your own Christmas hamper.


We can help you do exactly this with our selection of wicker hampers and antiqued wooden suitcases. Build your own hamper by putting together a basket full of wonderful treats and items from our online shop to be enjoyed this festive period.


Hampers to meet your budget

N&C Produce Premium Meat Box


We know that the run in to Christmas is an expensive time for everybody. While everyone wants to buy a wonderful present for a loved one, sometimes budgets dictate what’s possible and what’s not. That’s why N&C Produce range of Christmas hampers contains items at a range of price points, with lots of great variety and options available.


Our Xmas Hamper for example are available for less than £85, and our Gourmet Seafood Box  comes in just over this price point. With so many options to choose from, you can find a Christmas hamper to meet any budget at N&C Produce.


Get ready for Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 is getting nearer, so be sure to be prepared for a wonderful festive season this year. As well as our wonderful Christmas hamper range, we also offer a selection of edible stocking fillers, Christmas Meats and Christmas Seafood. So browse the full Website ncmeatproduce.co.uk and find your next great buy at N&C Produce.