BBQ Gourmet Burger – Rodeo Style – Flavour is Simply Outstanding 1

BBQ Gourmet Burger Rodeo Style – Seasoned Add Cheddar Fried Onion Rings n BBQ Sauce – Sensational.

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BBQ Gourmet Burger - Rodeo Style
BBQ Gourmet Burger – Rodeo Style

GRILLED BARBEQUE Rodeo Premium Hamburger Dish

by Chris Otim March 16th 2021 – Legend in the Below Ground Kitchens of Chingford

The very best smoked BARBEQUE Burger Dish. Exactly how to make juicy, tasty hamburgers on the grill. By mixing in a couple of ingredients with the beef, you obtain tasty, tasty hamburgers easily. Make use of these methods to make the very best grilled BBQ Burgers!

Closeup of BARBEQUE Gourmet Burger with cheese on a bun

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Nothing says summer season like smoked burgers. I began making these Grilled BARBEQUE Burger recipe years back, and also it is still my favored means to make exquisite hamburgers in the house.

Components for BARBEQUE hamburgers in a steel bowl


Let’s discuss what meat you ought to utilize when making Gourmet Burgers. Even if you usually make use of lean ground beef, I do not suggest it when making hamburgers. It’s finest to use 80/20 ground chuck for the most juicy as well as tasty hamburgers. BBQ Gourmet Burger

Next off, mix in some salt, pepper, as well as finely minced onion and garlic. It is necessary that they are extremely carefully minced. If they are cut into larger pieces, your hamburgers might crumble on the grill.

After that, add my secret active ingredient: BARBEQUE Sauce! You can make your very own BARBEQUE Sauce using my dish BELOW, or just utilize your favored shop acquired brand name.

Use your hands to blend everything together till incorporated, but try not to exhaust the meat or your hamburgers might wind up difficult.

dose of BBQ sauce sprinkling on a burger

Kind right into patties, and also remember that the Gourmet Burger will reduce on the grill. It is best to make them concerning an inch larger in size than the bun to account for shrinking. Also, use your thumb to place an indent in the middle of the hamburger patty to maintain it from doming on top.


Your cooking time will differ relying on just how thick your patties are. Grill for 2-4 mins on one side, then turn and duplicate on the second side. BBQ Gourmet Burger


The most effective and most accurate way to inform if your burgers are correctly prepared is to use an instant read thermostat. I use THIS as well as I extremely suggest it for preparing all meat. If you desire an economical option, THIS one has great deals of excellent evaluations! Utilizing a thermometer is the only method to recognize for use that your hamburger is cooked with, without overcooking it. Hamburgers are prepared when they get to an interior temperature level of 160 levels F.

Cheeseburger with BARBEQUE sauce on a white plate – ADD Fried Onion Rings

I such as to cover my Grilled BBQ Burgers with cheese and also even more BBQ Sauce. My Fantastic Grilled Onions make a great hamburger topping too! As well as You can constantly purchase burger buns, but if you want to truly take your hamburger to the next level, attempt making my 40 Min Burger Buns also!


Program: Supper

Food: American

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Preparation Time: 5 mins

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Servings: 4 burgers

Calories: 453kcal

Author: Chris Otim – Chingford


1.5 lbs hamburger use 80/20 for ideal results

3 tablespoon carefully diced onion

2 garlic cloves extremely carefully diced

2 Tbsp barbeque sauce

1 tsp kosher salt

1/2 tsp pepper


Mix all components with each other up until simply integrated. Do not overwork the meat or the hamburgers could be hard. BBQ Gourmet Burger

Shape into 4 equivalent sized patties, utilize your thumb to make an indent in the facility of each patty.

Grill over medium high heat for 2-4 mins per side, until interior temperature level reaches 160 degrees. If adding cheese, lay sliced of cheese over the hamburgers in the last 1-2 minutes of cooking. BBQ Gourmet Burger

Offer on a bun with even more BBQ sauce and various other wanted toppings.



Be sure to finely dice the onion and also garlic. Big pieces can create your hamburger to fall apart.

Make them about an inch larger in diameter than the bun to account for shrinkage.

Utilize your thumb to place an indent in the middle of the hamburger patty to maintain it from doming on top. BBQ Gourmet Burger


Offering: 1burger|Calories: 453kcal|Carbohydrates: 5g|Protein: 29g|Fat: 34g|Saturated Fat: 13g|Cholesterol: 121mg|Salt: 786mg|Potassium: 491mg|Fiber: 1g|Sugar: 3g|Vitamin A: 20IU|Vitamin C: 1mg|Calcium: 36mg|Iron: 3mg. BBQ Gourmet Burger

Nutritional details is a price quote for your convenience. If you have strict nutritional demands, please do your due persistence to see to it this recipe fits your requirements.

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