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Brentwood BBQ Events for Home
Brentwood BBQ Events for Home

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What do you put on a BBQ Menu.

First, plan ahead and make a single trip to your grocery store to get all the items for your BBQ menu ideas. Some must-haves include store-bought chips, dips and fruit platters, homemade barbecue sauce and of course, meats and fish to grill such as pork ribs, sausage, shrimp, salmon, beef spare ribs and chicken drumsticks. Brentwood BBQ Events for Home

What do you Serve at a BBQ Party.

Barbecue season is the perfect excuse for a family party. Discover our best ever pulled pork, loaded sweet potatoes and delicious sides for sharing. Treat your family to a summer of fabulous barbecue recipes with these sunshine-inspired dishes. You can even pick your perfect barbecue hardware with our handy review of the best sets on offer.

What is the Best way to Cater for a BBQ Event.

Having had 36 years of experience catering events, we have a few tips for a BBQ catered event: Buffet or station style is your best choice for BBQ events. It’s a more casual manner of serving than plated and the types of food served lend themselves well to buffet or stations.

Where can I host a Summer BBQ Party.

Where to Host a Summer BBQ Party. Backyards (particularly those with swimming pools for a refreshing dip and misting systems) are always great for intimate parties. Local parks are another good option. However, BBQ parties do not necessarily need to be outdoors. It is possible to create a casual BBQ style aesthetic in an indoor space. Brentwood BBQ Events for Home


If you’re looking for some easy bbq party menu ideas you’ve come to the right place. We’ve even thrown in some game suggestions and tips to make your event a smashing success.


As summer approaches, our thoughts turn to barbecues and outdoor entertaining. Needless to say, with mixed temperatures above 68 degrees in London summers an outdoor BBQ party can be a challenge.  Brentwood BBQ Events for Home

However, we South England residents have learned to “beat the heat” with backyard swimming pools, misting systems, and awnings. Outdoor entertaining after 6 pm during the months of June, July, and August is always advised.  If you do choose to entertain in the afternoon, be sure you and your guests are well hydrated and that shaded areas are available.  



A 4th of July Traditional American BBQ Party is a favourite of ours.  A patriotic theme of red, white, and blue enhanced with American flags, stars and stripes as the decorative theme sets the tone for a meal of grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob, and apple pie.

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated than hamburgers and hot dogs, our prime steaks and slow-smoked Prime Rib is an excellent option. And don’t forget the home-made ice cream to accompany the apple pie!  Our home-made ice cream is always a big hit at a catered event! And it pairs well with beer to create a fantastic venue.


Western-themed events are very popular in the South and the dry back garden provides the perfect setting for Western-themed events. Brentwood BBQ Events for Home

Think covered wagon, cowboys & cowgirls, checkered tablecloths, cowboy boots, boot-scootin’ music, and throw in a mini-rodeo to truly enhance the event!

When it comes to Western, we suggest this kind of menu:

  • pulled pork
  • brisket
  • grilled sausage
  • crusty rolls
  • baked beans
  • pecan pie.  

Mouth Watering Pulled Pork Our pulled pork receives many accolades!

In preparation, we brine the pork butt for 24 hours then rub it in oil with our secret spice blend.  We allow it to sit seasoned for at least 24 hours then slow smoke it for almost 5 hours.

To finish our pulled pork we place it in the oven for 3 to 4 hours, covered, on a low heat until the meat literally falls apart.  Brentwood BBQ Events for Home

Our pulled pork sandwiches are served with three popular BBQ sauces: Apple, Chipotle, and Hawaiian.


What’s not to love about a Mexican fiesta  The vivid colors and festive music sets the tone for enjoying Mexican cuisine.  Our smoked pork tenderloin quesadillas with mango papaya salsa are a huge hit as are our street taco stations or Tecate marinated flank steak buffet item.

Where Did BBQ Originally Came From Brentwood BBQ Events for Home

Brentwood BBQ Events for Home A favourite American activity and a summertime custom for numerous, barbeque’s have a lengthy as well as surprisingly patriotic background.

They started when a human ancestor called Homo erectus started cooking meat with fire about 1.8 million years ago, according to World Barbeque (Workman Posting, 2010). But bbqs the way that Americans understand them currently meat cooked over a grill or pit, covered in flavors as well as basting sauce originated in the Caribbean.

The word bbq originates from the language of a Caribbean Indian tribe called the Taino. Their word for grilling on an elevated wood grate is barbacoa. The word initially showed up in print in a Spanish traveler’s account of the West Indies in 1526, according to Planet Barbeque.

Ever since, the popularity of barbeques has actually spread like wildfire. The background of grilling in America dates to early american times, and also it has actually belonged of American culture since. Actually, one of the initial laws passed in the swarm of Virginia during the 1650s restricted the discharge of weapons at a barbeque. Shop here .

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Home – Window One Events – Bbq , Party, Events, Meat, Fish

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