Butcher/Fishmongers in Hackney – Delivered Produce to Homes Daily – N&C Produce 1.

Butcher/Fishmongers in Hackney – Delivered Produce to Homes Daily

Butcher/Fishmongers in HackneyOrder on Website Today – Delivering London and Home Counties Daily.

To Place an Order please Call 07932 686498 – If Normal Order then you can Place Online..

Butcher/Fishmongers in Hackney
Butcher/Fishmongers in Hackney

Hassle going to Butcher/Fishmonger on a Sunday Morning – Butcher in Hackney Call N&C Produce we will Deliver your Order on Friday all Produce from Billingsgate & Smithfields Markets.

Butcher Meats – N&C Produce (ncmeatproduce.co.uk)

Our 2022 Collection has everything you need for your celebrations which this year, with guests and gatherings allowed once more, will be particularly special. Butcher/Fishmongers in Hackney

Sourced from small, local farms that farm in the proper way by following traditional, sustainable practices, our grass-fed free-range, high welfare meat range is wonderfully complemented by our extensive selection of Neals Yard cheese, Dorset charcuterie and smoked salmon, together with all the deli items that you need to complete your special table.

You can place your Christmas order now for delivery to your door and reserve your December delivery day. We will be delivering across London & Home Counties up until Friday 24th December which will be our last delivery day. Butcher/Fishmongers in Hackney

For further information about our 2021 Christmas Collection, you can call us on 07932 686498 or email ncproduce2020@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you. Butcher/Fishmongers in Hackney

Our free range turkeys, turkey crown roasts, and turkey breast joints are all from Kellybronze, the highly renowned and esteemed producer of award-winning free-range Turkeys that have been lovingly reared in the traditional way and fed on a natural diet, with no harmful artificial additives to provide you with the ultimate centrepiece for any festive celebration.

Kelly bronze Turkeys are slow grown and not rushed, with a free-range stocking density of 400 birds per acre as opposed to an average of 16,000 per acre in commercial turkey barns. Because of this, Kelly bronze birds live as nature intended, with lots of exercise and a natural diet of corn, soya and foraging that produces a highly flavoursome roast with exceptional taste and texture. Kelly bronze Turkeys are twice the age of a standard intensive turkey, doubling the farming costs but quadrupling the flavour. Maturity has the biggest single impact on flavour.

Plucked traditionally by hand, Kelly bronze Turkeys are hung for at least 7 days and dry-aged like wild game. Butcher/Fishmongers in Hackney

Butcher in Hackney – Delivered Produce to Homes Daily – N&C Produce

Love Fresh Meat and Fish – N&C Produce is an Ideal Choice – Butcher/Fishmongers in Hackney


Our grass-fed beef is from native-breed cattle reared in harmony with nature on small, family farms in Dorset and Wiltshire. Our Red Rubys, Aberdeen Angus and Dexter breeds have been allowed to reach maturity at 30 to 36 months naturally, to produce beef that has outstanding depth of taste and texture with wonderful marbling. To lock in the great flavours you expect from grass-fed beef, our meat is dry-aged for at least four weeks and then prepared using the finest traditions of British craft butchery.

Butcher in Hackney – Delivered Produce to Homes Daily – N&C Produce.

What’s the best thing to do in Hackney

Home to young creative types, it’s an area with strong community ties and is known for its great food and unmatched nightlife. Encompassing nightlife hotspots such as Dalston, edgy enclaves like Hackney Wick and village neighbourhoods like Stoke Newington, Hackney has become one of London’s most desirable boroughs

Where is Hackney Located

Hackney is a district in East London, England. The area forms around two thirds of the area of the modern London Borough of Hackney, to which it gives its name. It is 4 miles (6.4 km) northeast of Charing Cross, and includes part of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Historically it was within the county of Middlesex .

Butcher in Hackney – Delivered Produce to Homes Daily – N&C Produce

Butcher Meats – N&C Produce (ncmeatproduce.co.uk)

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