Butcher in Thurrock – Xmas Turkey 2021 – Beautiful

Xmas Delivery Slots now open for 2021 – Deliveries be from 20-24th

Place your Xmas Meat/Fish Order with N&C Produce and avoid the Chaos if Supplies are short

Bronze Turkey Orders need to be 4 Weeks in advance in 2021 due to high demand – Order Today

Butcher in Thurrock - Xmas Turkey 2021
Butcher in Thurrock – Xmas Turkey 2021

Important to stipulate which Turkey you would like before placing an Order as Real Turkey and Crown are not the same so nice when Order taken is Accurate so on Delivery you are Happy with Produce delivered. Butcher in Thurrock – Xmas Turkey 2021

Christmas Meat

A better Christmas begins with joyous, celebration food brought direct from our network of traditional Yorkshire/Dorset farms. This Christmas dinner will be a reunion to remember, with parties, gatherings, and guests allowed once more.

This Christmas, eat better quality meat

The N&C Produce Christmas meat range is hand-picked to be the talk of the table, catering to all tastes and appetites, and to bring the comforts of Christmas dinner direct to you.

With us, a better Christmas means backing British farmers who do things the right way, taking care of the countryside and taking pride in their craft.

All of our Christmas range delivered on 19th Dec to 23rd Dec is guaranteed to stay fresh until Boxing Day *except products containing pastry which are pre frozen.

Important to keep all Food delivered below 3 Degrees to ensure Perfect Shelf Life

Butcher in Thurrock – Xmas Turkey 2021

Christmas Ham

Enjoy Christmas Ham this festive season with our delicious cooked Christmas ham range. With irresistible texture and rich flavour our Christmas hams make for the perfect festive dinner spread, Boxing Day sandwiches or a fabulous festive buffet.

We use free range pork for distinctive taste and the finest quality. Whether you go for cooked ham or treacle glazed ham, you can be sure it will be a quality addition to your festive menu. Refer to our Christmas ham recipe tips for the best serving suggestions.

Christmas Turkey

The Christmas turkey is the hallmark of a classic festive celebration. Our award-winning, free-range British turkeys have spent the autumn plumping up ready to be delivered fresh to your home for a special Christmas feast.

When you order a Christmas turkey from us you are ordering outstanding quality, succulent meat, and exceptional flavour that can only be achieved by rearing turkeys the proper way, slowly and naturally. We use a handful of farmers who care for their animals from start to finish, nurturing quality over quantity.

Our Christmas turkey range offers the whole bird, turkey crowns, and the whole breasts. Our chef-prepared turkey range pairs wonderful festive flavours to complement the bird’s natural quality. Be sure to refer to our turkey recipe tips for information on cooking times and serving suggestions.

Christmas Trimmings

The finest collection of seasonal trimmings to bring comforting flavour and indulgence to your Christmas dinner and festive roasts, without the fuss.

From classic pigs in blankets to merry stuffing’s; all of our trimmings have been developed to bring you the taste of luxury without losing the home-made touch by our Award Winning Star chef, Chris Otim.

This season, try our award-winning luxurious chestnut, sage and apricot pigs in blankets or our award-winning plum and apple brandy stuffing that have the potential to steal the show at your Christmas table. All of our trimmings are handmade on the butcher’s block and delivered to you fresh, ready for the oven for a fuss-free Christmas dinner or a festive buffet. Be sure to refer to our recipe tips for information on cooking times and serving suggestions.

Christmas Beef

Our Christmas beef joints are handpicked from matured heritage breed and free-range British beef to bring you only the best this festive season. This beef is sourced from our network of small farms specialising in heritage breeds that graze lush upland pastures to give full-bodied flavour and promise outstanding eating quality. Our Christmas beef range is for true celebration feasting with its ample marbling enhanced by the natural maturing process, making for richer, more luscious flavour. Be sure to refer to our chef Chris Otim-written beef recipes on every product page for information on cooking times and serving suggestions.

Butcher in Thurrock – Xmas Turkey 2021

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