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Butcher Meat Order London and Home Counties – Order online Today and be WoW on viewing your Meat when Delivered.

Butcher Meat Order London and Home Counties – Order on Website Today – Delivering London and Home Counties Daily.

Butcher Block Meat Order London and Home Counties
Butcher Block Meat Order London and Home Counties

Order your Meat with N&C Produce – Great Quality and Efficiency for next day delivery.

Why choose our Butcher Online Shop

Come into our butcher’s shop and see our range for yourselves. Our meat is sourced locally and comes direct from field to fork, ensuring it’s not onlythe freshest meat, but also the very best. Our in house deli provides a wide rance of delicious ready to eat products from freshly sliced cooked meats to the tastiest pies and cheeses. Butcher Meat Order London and Home Counties

Why Choose N&C Produce Online as a Solution to Ordering your Meat

Along with our cutting plant & store in N&C Produce which supplies our now considerable catering trade, we are extremely proud to be where we are today and continue to strive to become one of the best value, quality local independent Shop & Catering Butchers in London and Home Counties. Call us today 07932 686498. Butcher Meat Order London and Home Counties

Why choose N&C Produce Butchers as an Option.

We expertly trim all meat cuts to an excellent standard resulting in quality steaks, roasting joints, fantastic chops and many other great cuts. N&C Produce Butchers have been supplying my businesses for nearly 10 years. The relationship between myself as a chef and Chris/Curtis as butchers is key for my business to operate. Butcher Meat Order London and Home Counties

Butcher Block Meat Order

Purchasing a half (or whole, or quarter) of a beef is the most economical way to fill your freezer with high quality meat that will last you months, but the process can be a little intimidating for a first-timer. We’re here to answer some FAQ’s and hopefully give you the confidence to place your first order.

How much does it cost?

For a half a beef, we charge £4.50 per kilo based off of the hanging weight. The hanging weight includes the bones and fat, so you don’t end up with exactly the same amount of cut and wrapped meat as the initial weight indicates (unless you want to keep the bones and fat).  A half a cow typically weighs about 300 to 350 kilos. This means your order can cost you anywhere from £1,050.00 to £1,225.00, give or take. That may seem like a large price to pay, but you can’t walk into a grocery store and get rib-eye or tenderloin for £4.50 per kilo! Butcher Block Meat Order

We now have our fantastic dry ager in store! The first beef ready for customers is Belted Galloway. Please come in and reserve your cuts or see what we have inside the dry ager, it’s in the front shop of Website so that customers can see inside. This is a fantastic investment for the future of butchery. Butcher Block Meat Order

To season: In addition to salt and pepper, I like to use garlic powder, dried rosemary, and dried thyme. I prefer garlic powder to fresh minced garlic in this recipe because I feel it better coats the meat.

We have also purchased an Enterpak machine, which seals fully recyclable trays ready for customers to take home and cook. Please have a look at our photos on our Facebook page for what is available each week. Butcher Meat Order London and Home Counties


The best quality meat, reared by British farmers who are passionate about sustainable agriculture, animal welfare and traditional free-range farming. Our meat comes straight from the farm gate to our butchery in Essex . We dry age our meat, hand-butcher to order, and prep and pack your box just one day before delivery so it stays fresh. Butcher Meat Order London and Home Counties


Buy British beef online from trusted British farms. Traditionally reared to ensure quality and taste, every cut of beef delivered to your door is marbled with natural fats and expertly aged to improve flavour. By working together with our farmers, we pride ourselves on premium and award-winning grass-fed beef delivery in the UK. Butcher Meat Order London and Home Counties

Christmas Pork, Gammon & Ham

Our Christmas Gammon, Ham and Pork is reared on a number of free-range farms, including Chris Otim’s farm in Devon. High-welfare standards for our truly free-range pigs ensures healthy, happy animals and quality British pork. Choose between our centrepiece cuts, such as traditional Gammon and Ham for Christmas dinner, as well as our must-have trimmings for pairing with your festive joint.

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Butcher Block Meat Order

Butcher Block Meat Order

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