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Butchers in Chafford Hundred
Butchers in Chafford Hundred

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Let’s talk about Dexter & Sandy. No, not the sequel to Grease, or another American sitcom, but two free-range breeds that have piqued my interest. I recently visited two free-range farms to get an insight into non-industrial meat sources and learn about high-quality meat. I was not disappointed. Chris Otim runs Runnymede Farm, near Ongar, Essex and raises pedigree Oxford Sandy & Black pigs.

Look out for Dexter beef and Sandy pork. You’ll be hearing a lot more about them in future. Here’s what you need to know.

Butchers in Chafford Hundred

Dexter Beef Is A Native Irish Breed.

Dexter is also Heraldic Latin for right (side) while Sinister is Latin for left side. This might explain the bias towards left-handed people in less enlightened times.

Dexter beef is the right choice when choosing high-quality, environmentally-friendly meat.

The Taste Test – Butchers

I had never tasted Dexter meat previously, so I was very keen to sink my teeth into a nice steak. The first thing I noticed was the flavour. It reminded me of what beef used to taste like when I started as a butcher, 50 years ago. The Japanese came up with the term umami, meaning savoury, and Dexter beef has that in spades. A big, beef flavour with a small amount of very tasty beef fat. Something you don’t get from the larger Continental breeds. There is also a tenderness without being too soft or mushy. Butchers, Butchers in Chafford Hundred

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40 minutes before I cooked it I put sea salt on the steak, then I fried it for two and a half minutes each side and then put it in a preheated oven for 10 minutes @180C.

This was a steak to remember. 

Many people mourn the disappearance of what we used to call a “butcher’s heifer”, a medium-sized animal, usually a Hereford, Angus or Shorthorn. 

The smaller carcass size of the Dexter means that a 10oz steak will be thicker than one from a bigger animal. Thicker steaks are better for cooking if your preference is rare to medium. Steaks from the larger cattle will be thinner for the same weight and that makes it difficult to control the cooking. Roasts too are smaller, giving the customer the opportunity to control rareness as they require. Some of the most important characteristics of Dexter meat are its taste and benefit to your health.  The breed develops a unique ‘spider’ marbling and is high in CLAs, Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.  People who first taste Dexter meat also find that they will eat less than they would have eaten of conventional meat. 

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Butchers Chafford Hundred

Butchers in Chafford Hundred – Quality Steaks

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