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Butchers in Chingford

Butchers in Chingford

When it comes to buying fresh produce, more and more of us are aware of the impact that putting food on our plates has on our planet. Eating sustainably can mean different things to different people.
But ultimately, it’s about an awareness of where our food comes from, how it’s produced, and what impact that has on the environment.

From buying odd-shaped vegetables that would have gone to waste, to choosing pole & line-caught fish, and to opting for recyclable or reusable packaging options. There are lots of better choices you can make. Butchers
But when it comes to meat, what should you be looking for if you’re trying to eat more sustainably?
How can you feel more comfortable that your choices are helping to reduce the impact on our planet?

As farmers and butchers, we’re continually learning new ways to develop and adapt the way we produce and sell our meat.
We’re mindful of the journey each piece of meat makes from our farm to your plate.

Butchers in Chingford

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