Xmas Meats Enfiels
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Xmas Meats Enfield & Fish Delivery – Outstanding Quality – 1 – Fresh Produce

Place Order Today so as to secure a Delivery Slot Xmas Week N&C Produce Deliver daily – Smithfields Meat & Billingsgate Fish to Ensure Freshness Home Orders Welcome – Wide Range of Products to choose from – Visit our Website OUR CHRISTMAS MEATS Xmas Meats Enfield N&C Produce are London […]

Pork Fillet / Tenderloin
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Pork Fillet / Tenderloin 1kg

Pork Fillet / Tenderloin uses , baked, grilled / bbq Similar to all quadrupeds, the Pork Fillet / Loin describes the major muscle along the central spine section, ventral to the back vertebrae. This is the most soft part of the animal, due to the fact that these muscular tissues are utilised […]