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Chicken Sausage – Cooked with Tikka Spice and Sauce – Great to Serve at BBQ – Give Recipe below a try and be Happy you did.

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Chicken Sausage - Tikka Style
Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

Chicken Tikka Sausages – Based upon the traditional Chicken Tikka Massala recipe

Chicken sausage fresh off the grill – Chef Chris Otim – World Famous 

Homemade N&C Produce Sausage Recipes Are Finest – Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

Making Chicken Sausage with ground hen offers a difficulty since the poultry meat dries out really quickly when cooked as well as poultry isn’t popular for an abundance of fat.

In order to create an extra juicy sausage, most industrial sausage producers will certainly supplement the ground poultry meat with either pork or beef fat, which, if you are picking a fowl sausage for nutritional or religious reasons totally beats the things. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

Moreover commercially made Chicken Sausage uses meat generally referred to as “mechanically recuperated” which means that a machine has been utilized to strip meat from the bones. Unlike you or I, this equipment will not have the ability to tell the difference between great meat, poor quality skin and even the pin plumes … need I state more?

In both the recipes listed below I don’t supplement the chicken with fat from any other animal, as a matter of fact I’ve located that the best proportion of hen meat to fat can be accomplished via grinding boneless hen thighs together with the fat as well as skin that comes usually affixed.

Chicken Wienies

Because hen meat is gives a soft texture I advise utilizing a lamb case. Normally a lamb covering is of smaller sized diameter but the wall surface of the housing is thinner making it less chewy on the palate. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

I don’t generally include egg to a sausage recipe (or hamburger dish for that matter) due to the fact that it companies the ground meat yet in the case of this pure hen sausage recipe the enhancement of an egg supplies the ideal texture.

This dish uses 1 Kg (2.2 pounds) of poultry thigh and you’ll require roughly 5m (16ft) of 24mm – 26mm lamb casing rinsed and also soaked in cozy water. Read my article concerning making homemade sausage to learn about the full process for preparing housings.

Keep in mind: This recipe is an emulsified sausage so stringent temperature control is needed as well as you will need a mixer in order to blend the meat and spices.

Preparation Time:- 1 hour (excluding the casings).

Resting Time:- Overnight.

Cooking Time:- 30 minutes approx.

Complete Time:- 1 day.

Irritants:. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

You’ll locate the following irritants in the components listing …




Active ingredients:-.


1 Kg (2.2 lbs) Chicken upper leg complete with fat and also skin chopped into portions.


2 tsps salt.

1/2 tsp Prague Powder # 1.

2 teaspoons light paprika.

1 tsp mustard powder.

1 teaspoon onion powder.

1 teaspoon ground coriander.

1/2 tsp garlic powder.

1/2 teaspoon marjoram.

1/4 tsp white pepper.

1/4 tsp mace.

1 egg defeated.

2 tablespoons gold syrup (corn syrup).

75ml (2 1/2 fl.oz.) ice cold water.

60g ( 1/2 mug) powdered skimmed milk.

120g ( 1/2 mug) smashed ice.


Cool your grinder and also sausage glutton to make certain that all your devices is well cooled.

Grind the chicken thigh, skin and also fat using a 5mm plate and refrigerate for about half an hour.

Blend all the seasonings with the exception of the smashed ice in a plastic or stainless-steel mixing bowl up until you have an uniform mix that has the consistency of a thin paste.

Now mix the ground meat and also the seasoning with each other as well as knead this blend till you have an also distribution of the flavoring via the meat. Now location this mix in the fridge freezer up until it reaches a semi-solid state. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

This is the time to obtain your food mill out.

Area the ground meat in the blending bowl as well as add the smashed ice and after that blend for 30 secs. Check the temperature level using an immediate read temperature level probe.

Proceed this process of 30 2nd mix followed by a temperature check until the temperature level reaches 4 ° C or 39 ° F. When you reach this temperature decrease the mixing time to 15 seconds with 15 second periods to inspect the temperature.

You can quit blending when either when you have an excellent emulsification or the temperature level gets to 12 ° C or 54 ° F, whichever precedes. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

Note: You can tell when you have an excellent emulsification since the meat mix will certainly have a shiny luster and also the paste look of a soft ice cream.

When you have actually reached this stage, do not “over-emulsify” simply return it to the fridge while you obtain the stuffer ready. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

Stuff the meat right into the casing and make your web links. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

Position your web links in the fridge, cover with a paper towel as well as leave overnight to allow the spices totally disperse.

If you plan to smoke your chicken wieners after that utilize my overview to cold smoking cigarettes here.

Poach to cook and also offer with sauerkraut. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

Hen Tikka Sausage. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

The secondly of my poultry sausage dishes is for that perennial much-loved hen tikka massala.

The flavours in this recipe are derived from the traditional Indian meal and also because it is made with fresh lotion I suggest that you consume it fresh (do not ice up) otherwise the sausage can handle a somewhat sour note.

This Indian chicken sausage recipe makes about 1 Kg (2.2 pounds) and I advise a sheep casing 24 – 26mm (1 inch) due to the fact that this is rather a soft distinctive sausage. Utilize this web link to discover just how to prepare sausage casings.

Prep work Time:- 1 hr (omitting the coverings).

Relaxing Time:- Overnight.

Food preparation Time:- 30 minutes approx.

Total Time:- 1 day.


Lotion (do not hesitate to substitute soy cream if you have a hatred dairy products).



800g (1 3/4 lb) boned chicken upper legs with connected skin and fat.


100g ice cold water.

30g cream.

26g tomato powder.

25g lemon juice.

2g salt.

2g chilli powder.

2g coriander powder.

2g cumin.

2g garlic powder.

2g cut fresh coriander (cilantro).


Cut the poultry upper leg meat right into portions and also grind utilizing a 4.8 mm plate and also when done return to the fridge. Chicken Sausage – Tikka Style

Compose your “flavoring slurry” by adding all the seasoning components together in a mixing dish and also giving it an excellent stir up until everything is well blended.

Include the ground poultry to the spices slurry as well as knead well up until you have a good distribution of the flavoring throughout your sausage meat.

Now move your sausage meat to the glutton and fill the housings as well as make links every 75mm (3 inches).

When done, put the sausage on a tray with a paper towel over the leading and also pop the tray in the fridge overnight to permit a lot of time for the spices to fully disperse right into the hen.

This hen sausage recipe is finest finished off on the grill. Use this web link to read my ideas regarding exactly how to prepare the excellent sausage.

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