Diced Lamb Casserole

Recipe making sure Lamb is Tender and Flavoursome on Cooking Casserole

Lamb Casserole

Slow Cooked Lamb Covered Dish
Slow-cooked low-FODMAP Lamb Covered dish Serves: 8 Prep: 5 minutes Cook: 6 hrs thirty minutes
This hearty, slow-cooked covered dish is the ideal family members meal for a cold winters months day. This one-pot dish is very easy to make as well as is great when you do not wish to stand in front of a hot plate all evening!!! When ready merely move right into a slow-cooker, collection and forget. Did I state it freezers well as well?

Metric Imperial
Lamb, diced

1000 g.
2 Tablespoon garlic-infused olive oil.

36 g.
5 rashers short-cut bacon, diced.

150 g.
1 Tbsp ground coriander.

8 g.
1 Tbsp ground cumin.

8 g.
1 tsp ground cardamon.

2 g.
1/2 mug merlot.

125 g.
1/2 cup tomato paste.

115 g.
1 tin diced tomatoes.

400 g.
1 tin canned lentils, drained pipes, rinsed.

400 g.
2 mugs Massel’s Monash FODMAP certified beef stock.

500 g.
3 large carrots, diced.

225 g.
Mashed potato, to offer.

1000 g.
Parsley, to offer.

Warm oil in a big, heavy based frying pan.

Prepare lamb in sets till browned, alloted.

In the same frying pan, chef bacon until browned, include spices and cook for an additional min or up until fragrant.

Include merlot, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, lentils and also supply, give the boil.

Add prepared lamb, carrot as well as sauce mixture into a slow stove.

Cook on medium warm setting for 5-6 hours or till meat is tender and flaky as well as sauce has actually thickened.

Serve with mashed potato as well as garnish with parsley.

Use lean diced lamb where possible.
This Lamb casserole can be prepared in a large batch as well as saved in the fridge freezer for a hassle-free mid-week dish.
Nutrition Details (per serve).
Energy1877 Kj/ 449 cal.
Protein37.10 g.
Carbohydrates22.40 g.
Sugar8.00 g.
Overall Fat21.50 g.
Saturated Fat6.40 g.
Fibre4.60 g.

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