Fish and Shellfish (Fish Healthy Fish )


Fish and Shellfish (Fish Healthy Fish )

Fish is enthusiastically suggested for you, Low in fat and delivers a high amount of good quality Protein. Packed with Omega-3 Vitamins, for example, B2 which represents a significant aspect of our solid eating diet. Eating Fish twice a week as suggested helps produce minerals, for example, iron, zinc and potassium and numerous different supplements keeping our body fit and healthy.

Where Do We Get Our Fish From

In the U.K fish  is profoundly sourced and could be bought from numerous Market’s like Billingsgate, or from Suppliers like N&C Produce with the special reward of having it delivered straightforwardly to you business or home. With over a 100 species of seafood available from the united kingdom coastline, although, much of what we eat is imported from further afield. Fish like Cod, haddock and other whitefish comes from sustainable stocks in Iceland and therefore the Faroe Islands. Salmon and pollack come from Scotland, Norway as well as  the USA. Cold water prawns are from Denmark and Canada. Fresh tuna from Mauritius and the Seychelles.

How To Store Fish

Fresh Fish is best when prepared within a couple of days after purchasing from your supplier. Freezing fish like cod, haddock, salmon, or prawns is a great way of preserving the freshness.  

All types of fish must be wrapped or packaged in airtight and moisture-vapour proof packaging like  plastic containers, polythene bags or freezer-lock bags.

 With the now appeal for good quality fish, N&C Produce is accessible six days a week to guarantee we convey the highest caliber of fish we can to you our clients. Our service will assists by decreasing your visits to over estimated Supermarkets while getting Fresh top notch quality fish conveyed to your door. 

Cooking Fish

Fish could be cooked in an assortment of ways from Poaching, Baking, Grilled, BBQ, Fried, just to make reference to a couple of ideas. Cook Fish until delicately tender, somewhat firm and flaky. Continuously adhere to the suggested cooking directions and guarantee that it reaches a temperature of around 145 °F. 

Here are some incredible instances of fish accessible from N&C Produce to you. Salmon, Tuna, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Halibut, Plaice, Dover Sole and many more. 

Fish Not Only Tasty But Healthy For You.