Fresh Chicken – Delicious Meals 2021

Fresh Chicken - delicious meals 2021
Fresh Chicken - Delicious Meals 2021 4

Fresh Chicken from N&C Produce, Online Store with the added advantage of free home delivery directly to your door. To ensure Top Quality we deliver daily in London and the Home Counties.

Where Does Our Fresh Chicken Come From?

At N&C Produce our Chicken is sourced locally from British Farmers producing top quality meat. Free range farms where the birds are allowed to roam freely which increases flavour. Poultry is one or the nation’s favourite meats and is served in most restaurants .

Whole Chicken

Roast chicken is normally the go to dish for most people, however the whole bird can be cooked in a variety of methods. Use different herbs and spices for flavour, cajun seasoning is fantastic for blackening when cooking spatchcock , shallow fry etc.

Spatchcock Chicken
Spatchcock Chicken

Other Fresh Chicken Parts

Apart from the whole chicken most of us are familiar with the different cuts like – the drumsticks wings, thigh and breast.

Chicken breast must be one of the most versatile meat. It is a breast meat with extremely little fat and it is the ideal cut to slice up in stir-fries, marinate and grill, pan-fry or oven roast, filled with your favorite filling. Poultry busts can likewise be baked or poached and also used in salad, sandwiches or shredded and taken into soups.

Tenderloins are a great alternative also. They are some what even more tender than the entire bust and are fantastic crumbed and baked, or quickly chargrilled and tossed in a warm salad.

Bought as solitary poultry busts fillets without the skin, with tenderloin connected, or with skin on. A supreme cut is the chicken breast with wingette connected and skin on.

Upper legs
Chicken thighs can be acquired as upper leg fillets with skin as well as bone got rid of, or thigh cutlets, with bone and also skin still connected. Chicken thigh meat is brownish and also has a little more fat then the breast, however also somewhat more flavour.

Upper leg fillets are excellent chopped or cut in stir-fries, or in casseroles. Utilize the upper leg cutlet in casseroles or bakes.

The whole leg, is the upper leg with the drumstick connected.Whole legs are fantastic for frying as well as baking and also can also be utilized on the bar-b-que or char-grill.

Drumsticks, wings
Poultry wings and drumsticks are typically more affordable cuts of chicken. They are great baked in a sticky glaze or marinade and also consumed in your fingers.

Fresh chicken parts
Fresh Chicken - Delicious Meals 2021 5

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