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What Is Shin?

Beef Shin is prepared from the bottom portion of either the front or rear leg. As this cut comes from a working muscle, it contains a high amount of connective tissue.

Generally sold as stewing steak, it is best suited for long, slow cooking to breakdown the high proportion of connective tissues and denser fibres, Shin is perfectly suited to long, slow cooking in stews, casseroles and any other ‘low and slow’ recipes that allow its rich, sumptuous taste to shine. 

How costly is Shin Of Beef ?

The muscles that an animal uses most often – such as the shank or shoulder – are the toughest, but also the cheapest and most tasty. Most butchers buy animals whole too, so these parts should be readily available.

Where Can I Buy Fresh Beef ?

Flavourful and carefully sourced, N&C Produce will deliver some of the finest hand-sliced Shin Of Beef to your door. All our Beef comes from well cared for, animals on Family run British farms. 

Beefs shin comes from the fore shank of the animal and, due to the the vast amount of work the muscle does, is full of connective tissues which makes the meat very tough. This means shin benefits from being cooked low and slow in order to break down all the fibres and turn it into unctuous, gelatinous meat which in turn thickens the sauce in which it is cooked. Beef shin is generally a very cheap cut because of the long cooking time required and is sometimes seen as undesirable – but the results are well worth the wait.


Ale or stout make a welcome addition to braised beef shin, lending a deep, rich flavour, or you could try deglazing the pan with some red wine after browning the meat for a more European-style dish.

You can add any kind of vegetables you like to the stew – just bear in mind the cooking times. Root vegetables are more robust and can be added earlier, whilst green vegetables cook quickly and should only be added right at the end of cooking.

 We Recommend Using Fresh Meat For Hearty Winter’s Stew. Beef – N&C Produce (ncmeatproduce.co.uk)
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