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Halal Turkey Hot Dog


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These delicious Halal Turkey Hot Dogs are perfect for anyone who eats Halal. They're also great for anyone after a poultry alternative to the traditional pork and/or beef. Halal Turkey Dogs are great in a bun, topped with ketchup and mustard, or even on their own.

Halal Turkey Dogs also go great with our Lingonberry jam as a seasonal alternative to roast turkey and cranberry. These make ideal quick meal options for Thanks Giving or Christmas, and are much quicker to prepare than a roast with all the trimmings!

These Halal Hot Dogs are beechwood smoked, giving them a robust and meaty flavour, however you prepare them. They are great grilled, heated in water, barbequed or fried. For best results defrost fully before cooking and we always advise that you heat the Halal Turkey Hot Dogs over a medium heat, to reduce the chances of splitting.

When heating in hot water, be sure to keep the flame low and heat through gently - don't boil. Boiling water will cause your Halal Hot Dogs to split. However you choose to heat them, these Halal Turkey Dogs will be ready in minutes.

Because these Halal Turkey Dogs are precooked for your convenience, you can even eat them cold (once defrosted). They are 100% Halal Certified, made by the oldest poultry specialist in the heart of Bavaria in Germany.

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