8 oz Lamb Rump

10x Welsh Lamb Chops

10x Welsh Lamb Chops


Sweet, juicy and tender, it’s easy to see why our Welsh Lamb Chops are firm favourites with our customers. They’re totally perfect for fry-ups, grills and barbecues…All our lamb is..

5kg Welsh  Lamb Steaks

5kg Welsh Lamb Steaks


Reared on a Welsh farm, or a reputable & trusted neighbouring farms in Wales. Our Lamb Steak are a tasty treat, rich in flavour and cut with minimal fat, ensuring a t..

6oz Welsh  Leg Lamb Steaks

6oz Welsh Leg Lamb Steaks


What's Leg steak Leg steaks come from the leaner part of the leg and can come either 'bone-in' or boneless. The bone-in steaks are cut ..

8oz Lamb Rump

8oz Lamb Rump


British Lamb is sought after around the world and we take pride in supplying the best from our independent British Farmer, Tom. Butchered to order by our expert team, hand-packed i..

Welsh Rack of Lamb 7 Bone - Tender Delicate Cut

Welsh Rack of Lamb 7 Bone - Tender Delicate Cut


A rack of lamb or Carré d'agneau (though this may also refer to other cuts) is a cut of lamb cut perpendicularly to the spine, and including 16 ribs or chops. At retail, ..

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