Private Bbq Chefs Hire

Private bbq chefs hire

Private bbq chefs hire / Who are your chefs?

Private Bbq Chefs Hire – This summer our chefs are ready to fire up the bbq grills and give each and every one of our customers their own unique event experience. Myself Nigel, and Chris have worked in the hospatility industry for at least 30 years, and are now bringing this service to the comfort of your own homes.We also have a team of committed, hospitality interested and experienced, staff who are always willing to make your occasion a memorable time.

Mobile bbq catering near me / Bbq catering services – Window One Events

While planning the process, we will always be on hand and, available to answer any questions to ensure that we do our very best to cater for your event, and to ensure that you get the most for your budget. Our number one proirety is to provide you with fantastic, deliciously taisting food and great service.

Private bbq chefs hire / Menu ideas?

Burgers of your choice ,

Ribeye steaks ( steaks )

Hot dogs

Chops, lamb, pork

Fish & Seafood

Kebabs / Skewers


Salads, Corn on the cob, potato salad

olives, gerkins, crisps, water mellon

What if I have guests with special dietary requirements?

These days Barbecues are not only for the meat eaters and we cater for all of our clients / guest to the best of our ability. All Dietary request can be discussed wshile planning the event/party to ensure that every has a wonderful time and that no one is left out.

grill chicken salad
Private Bbq Chefs Hire 5

Private bbq chefs hire near me – Wondow One Events

A Barbecue catering company with a difference, serving only to bring that unique experience to private bbq parties in London and the Home Counties. This is bbq catering with restaurant quality in the comfore of your own home or venue of choice.

Private BBq Chefs Hire

Why Should We Use Private bbq chefs hire ( Window One Events )

There is nothing better than having a someone else taking care of all the hassle of making sure that all your guest are enjoying the delicious aroma and taste, of smokey flavoured barbecue meats and veggies on a warm summer’s day in the company of friends. This is where we come in and take away all the stress, and the results are amazing.

friends enjoying a bbq party
Friends enjoying a bbq

Welcome to Home Window One Events. We are a family run all weather exterior catering firm
available for hire. We operate in London – Essex as well as surrounding regions in England.

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