Mixed Grill Pack – Chop/Sausage/Gammon/Steak


A Mixed Grill is a Plate of Food Containing – Pork Chop – Sausage – Gammon – Rump Steak –

Also can Add Tomato Mushrooms French Fries – A Wonderful Combination of Meats to Enjoy all on 1 Plate

As always, it’s important to use the best quality meats available, and that you can afford.

It is so disappointing when you realise-from that first bite-that the meat does not match the amount of effort you’ve put in to preparing the meal!

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Mixed Grill Pack

mixed grill

A Mixed Grill Pack is compilled of a scrummy plate of food containing;


  • Pork Chop
  • Sausage
  • Gammon
  • Rump Steak
  • We can also can add tomato mushroom French-fries too!

If anything, you can spot a good butcher from the quality of the sausages that they deliver which is something we most definitely pride ourselves in.

Above all, a good butcher will have several signature sausages on offer.

Here in the UK, a sausage/banger is much more than a piece of meat. It is a celebration for the mouth!

There really aren’t any fixed rules when it comes to the meats you use, but generally speaking it will be steak,

chop and sausage . . .  you can even have ham steaks, bacon chops . . .  lamb’s kidneys are also a popular choice! 

Mixed Grill Pack

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