Seabass Fillets 2kg – 16 Fillets – 8 Persons Portions


Seabass Fillets

Which is the best Seabass Fillets Recipe

Equally brilliant is Alfred Prasad’s sea bass fillet recipe, which highlights sea bass’s potential to fuse with tropical flavours. For more information on sourcing, cooking and serving this versatile fish, visit our how to cook sea bass page.

What is best way to pan fry Seabass Fillets

Pan-frying is a simple but delicious way to cook sea bass – it only takes a few minutes and crisping up the skin adds flavour and texture to the finished dish. As sea bass fillets have a tendency to curl when exposed to heat, score the skin three or four times with a sharp knife and be prepared to weigh…

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Seabass Fillets – 2kg

Seabass Fillets are a rather Perch like fish. The more or less elongated body has small scales, a large mouth and a generally straight-edged or rounded tail. The dorsal fin, a diagnostic feature, consists of a forward, spiny section and a hinder, soft-rayed section; the two portions are usually joined but may be separated by a notch.

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