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VW Currywurst Sausage
VW Currywurst Sausage


Homemade Currywurst – N&C Produce

Currywurst is extensively taken into consideration to be the ultimate German street food. The lovers of this dish are ardent concerning what must and also should not go into the ideal Currywurst sauce. This has actually made the recipe a tough nut for me to fracture.

In searching across the net on both English and German sites, I’ve located recipes that use soda pop, orange juice, apple sauce, apricot jam, plum juice and lime juice. I obtained the sensation it would take months to attempt all these versions. Some people state there ought to certainly be fried onions in the recipe, others say absolutely not. Others claim that ketchup is the most effective base, while others essentially state that’s an offense to the recipe. VW Currywurst Sausage

The one point every person can agree on is that there is no “authorities” Currywurst recipe. That’s something, a minimum of. VW Currywurst Sausage. VW Currywurst Sausage

One more point I can state about Currywurst is that I’ve never seen anyone in Germany make Currywurst from square one in the house. Sure, they enjoy making their very own jams, wine, juice and also pickling veggies however it have to be much easier to just go to the neighbourhood Superstore for some Currywurst. Fact be told, if I had a neighbourhood source, I probably would not make it at home either.


Legend has it that creator of Currywurst was the smart homemaker, Herta Heuwer, from the Charlottenburg area of Berlin. In 1949, she obviously traded spirits for ketchup (some resources state Worcestershire sauce) as well as curry powder with British soldiers posted there after the war. I’m presuming that she explore these components as well as other spices till she discovered something she liked. The Currywurst sauce is a lot more than just ketchup and curry powder. Regardless, the resulting sauce was poured over barbequed pork sausages. Ta-da! Currywurst was born.

She began marketing it as a low cost street snack as well as it didn’t not take long for it to come to be a success. I’m thinking individuals enjoyed the exotic flavour (for that time duration, at least). It was specifically liked by the building workers that were rebuilding the city since it was a low-cost healthy protein filled meal. VW Currywurst Sausage

There’s some details around that claims Currywurst was created in Hamburg as early as 1947 in Hamburg by Lena Brücker. Whoever developed it, I would state that Frau Heuwer seems to be the one that made it popular.

For Herta Heuwer’s 100th birthday celebration on June 30th, 2013, Google commemorated by making this little Google Doodle. Pretty cool, huh? VW Currywurst Sausage

VW Currywurst Sausage


The several dishes that I did attempt all wound up being as well wonderful for our preferences. I did review that traditional Berlin Currywurst is supposed to be like that yet I actually can’t verify that. It’s been 15 years since I had some in the stunning German funding.

The Currywurst I have actually had in much more current years in Bavaria are far more like the sauce you get when you make a Knorr Fix or Maggi Deal with & Frisch packet versions. I generally bring numerous back home with me because they’re so low-cost therefore great.

I really thought that with my curry catsup success I ‘d have the ability to easily equate that into a simple Currywurst sauce yet that hasn’t held true. Why? Well, since I was identified to make use of canned tomato sauce as opposed to catsup. Nevertheless, despite the fact that I make certain I’ll be shaking up somebody’s feathers, I’m mosting likely to change back to the simpleness of using tomato catsup as a base. From there I’ll remain to try and also crack this nut. I know that ketchup had not been very easy to get after the war, so I’m sure the dish changed to utilize tomato sauce, paste or canned tomatoes. VW Currywurst Sausage

Now, I’ve got a dish we truly delight in. Inevitably, that’s what really matters, right?


Active ingredients:


1 cup of Tomato Ketchup

1/4 teaspoon of Baking Soda

4– 5 teaspoons of Mild Curry Powder

2 teaspoons of Smoked Paprika

1 teaspoon of Onion Powder

1/8– 1/4 tsps of Cayenne Pepper


2 tsps of Worcestershire Sauce

4 tbsps of Beef Brew

2 (or even more) tablespoons of Water


— You can conveniently sub the beef broth for vegetable brew as well as make use of vegan Worcestershire sauce to make this a vegan dish. While I have not tried it yet, I really seem like this sauce would go wonderful on vegetarian sausages also. VW Currywurst Sausage

— I utilize a complete 5 teaspoons of curry powder since I really feel that provides it the most effective flavour. Making use of 4 is tasty too, though.

— Do not hesitate to omit the chili pepper completely if you don’t such as a great deal of seasoning. 1/4 definitely provides it a solid kick. Mild curry powder currently has a small, teeny kick by itself.

— If you can’t obtain or don’t intend to invest in smoked paprika, I’m thinking that making use of fluid smoke and also pleasant paprika would function. I especially made use of smoked paprika for that smokiness. I wouldn’t be surprised if when you start utilizing this seasoning, you’ll constantly want it accessible. It’s costly, if you don’t capture when it’s on sale, but it’s really remarkable.

— If you don’t have any type of (or desire any type of) paprika, this recipe needs to still function without it. VW Currywurst Sausage

Place one mug of catsup right into a little pan on tool reduced warmth. We wish to warm up the catsup for a few mins for our following step.

When it’s nice as well as warm, drop in the 1/4 tsp of cooking soft drink.

Well, what I was seeking was a level of smoothness in the flavour that had not been transpiring with all the acid in the catsup as well as Worcestershire sauce (or any vinegar I tried). The acid attack just maintained bothering me. I lastly chose to neutralize it with the sodium bicarbonate and also found 1/4 is the perfect amount. We’re doing this before we include the acid from the Worcestershire sauce to ensure that we’re not absolutely without level of acidity.

Homemade Currywurst – N&C Produce

This is actually vital– as soon as you drop in the sodium bicarbonate and also start stirring, it’s mosting likely to start to foam. You’ll need to stir continually till the frothing subsides.

The ketchup should look nearly precisely like regular catsup once more when you’re done. It will certainly just taste a little various. VW Currywurst Sausage

Reduce warmth to reduced. Add all the wonderfully fragrant flavors and give it a wonderful stir.

Add the fluids, combine thoroughly and also it must look something like this. Simmer on the cooktop for 5– 10 minutes.

The Currywurst sauce that you get at a Shop will be a whole lot a lot more fluid. I suched as the flavour and also consistency of this, so I selected it. VW Currywurst Sausage

Next up is the bratwurst. This dish makes a lot of sauce, so pan fry up (or grill) as several sausage as you want for your meal.

I like utilizing the raw bratwurst we receive from our local German Deli– Delicatessen. The brats are made by in your area by Bavarian Meats and they’re delicious! Nonetheless, we additionally examined out Marens Smoked Brats and also they taste fantastic with it as well.

Okay, so once the brats are fried, slice ’em up as well as smother in Currywurst sauce. Offer with a crusty roll or bread to mop up any additional sauce on home plate. Additionally, french fries. Both potato and pleasant potato fries taste wonderful with this. VW Currywurst Sausage

Remaining sauce maintains well for several days in the fridge. I recognize since I have about 7 variations waiting to be consuming in my refrigerator today. So much sauce!

Intend to come to aid us complete it up? Pretty please with curry on top?

Well, there you have it! A fast and also tasty homemade Currywurst teeming with curry goodness.

One thing to note is that Currywurst is ALWAYS offered with a sprinkling of curry powder on the top. I simply in some way completely spaced on that particular when taking this pictures. Do refrain like me. Dress yours up with curry powder it is entitled to. VW Currywurst Sausage

Nevertheless, do yourself the supreme favour of trying road food suppliers that offer sausages, Currywurst, döner kebabs and also a host of other delights. Some locations could appear like a hole in the wall but I’m willing to wager their food is still superb. Or, simply pass the tell tale indication– if there’s a line for the food, it’ll deserve it.

You’ll be one action closer to getting a more genuine or culturally immersive experience.

If you have preferred place to consume Currywurst, I ‘d like to read about it!

As constantly,

Homemade Currywurst

A quick and easy Currywurst recipe that will restore memories of Germany. Smoky, spicy and also a little pleasant – it’s excellent over bratwurst. VW Currywurst Sausage

Preparation Time 5 mins

Cook Time 15 mins

Author N&C Produce


Currywurst Sausages

1 mug of Tomato Catsup

1/4 teaspoon of Sodium bicarbonate appears odd yet trust me

4– 5 tsps of Mild Curry Powder

2 tsps of Smoked Paprika

1 tsp of Onion Powder

1/8– 1/4 tsps of Cayenne Pepper


2 teaspoons of Worcestershire Sauce

4 tbsps of Beef Broth

2 or more tbsps of Water


Place 1 cup of tomato ketchup in a little pan and also warm on tool reduced. When ketchup is warmed with, add cooking soft drink as well as stir continually until foaming subsides. Ketchup should look normal once again.

Decrease warm to low. Add remaining components, via to water as well as mix until combines. Allow it simmer on the stow for 5 – 10 minutes to combine flavours. VW Currywurst Sausage

Serve warm over sliced sausage with crusty bread or french fries as a side.

Recipe Notes

— You can easily sub the beef brew for veggie broth to make this a vegan dish.

— Do not hesitate to leave out the chili pepper totally if you don’t such as a lot of flavor.

— If you do not have smoked paprika, using fluid smoke as well as sweet paprika should function.

— If you do not have any (or want any type of) paprika, this dish needs to still work without it.

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